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A New Year Already….

New Years Eve came up quick! I love New Years Eve, not so much for the drinking and all that goes along with that, but a little can be fun:)  To me,  the new year is a blank slate, a time to put forth the energy that you hope will manifest throughout the year. For me, its also a time to let go and decide what things are important to carry with me, and what things no longer serve me, and so they need to go… I have some reflecting to do tonight, as I always do this time of year.

My travels,  have not gone as I thought they would thus far, but  they have taught me the importance  of traveling light physically  as well as metaphorically.  I have also learned the importance of going with the flow. There are places I planned to visit, but  due to El nino and the weird weather patterns  my plans may need to change .In the spirit of staying flexible, I plan to  follow the good weather, and see where  leads me. This could be interesting… maybe even more interesting than my original plans.

I am wishing a happy and healthy  new year for all friends and family both near and far. Travel light everyone:)

Love, Lois, Buddy & Phoenix