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Nice Light

Light right light is everything in a photo, and I waited an hour for the light in this shot to be just right. I don’t do a whole lot in Lightroom or Photoshop with my photos, so what you see is what I saw. For me photography is about putting the viewer in that moment with you.  When I was out last night there was another photographer snapping away. We were talking afterwards and he asked me if I was into HDR. I told him my camera has built in HDR,  but I haven’t ever used it. His jaw hit the ground, and he went on a tangent about the virtues of HDR  The big thing with photography is HDR, High Dynamic Range. Maybe I have only seen bad examples of HDR,  but they just don’t look natural to me . Some go so far in post that it no longer looks like a photograph.  I guess I am just a minimalist 🙂  I might be missing something and I may try it one of these times , and then I will eat my words. Until then, this photo is a truly organic sunset from Pismo Beach, California. I hope you like itpismo sunset1

California Dreamin

Have you ever heard of Pismo Beach, California? Me either, but boy am I glad I found it. It’s a beautiful and quaint  small coastal community with cute little touristy shops. It’s about 45 minutes or so north of Santa Barbra. I was too tired yesterday to shoot much but I did get this one decent shot from the beach.pismo I had two pretty rough days of travel, to get here, and much of it was mind numbing and  boring. Driving through mostly desert land is about as exciting as you would imagine. Looking to your left you see nothingness, look to the right more of the same; look ahead straight bland road. I left Sedona on Sunday morning to find the route I planned to take was closed I think due to an accident. I was re-routed and later on ran into delays on that route due to an accident. The delay on the new route had no work around and cost me hours, and since I was in the middle of nowhere there was nowhere to stay. For the first time ever I considered pulling over in a rest stop and just crashing for the night. Thinking of this conjured up images of one eyed, uni-brow weirdos lurking in the bushes, so I inched my way along the dark road along with everyone else. Eventually I spotted a sign for Travel Lodge.  I pulled off the exit, and found the motel. I didn’t expect the Ritz, but this Travel Lodge  was the  prostitute mecca of central California. I considered just  sleeping  in the camper in the parking lot as I couldn’t settle in but but again images of one eyed weirdos popped in my head. Eventually I drifted off. The next day brought gusty winds for the first two hours of the ride to Pismo. Driving a camper in high wind is not fun, and  when you add in getting pushed over my trucks wind surge, well let’s just say there was a lot of swearing and stopping to take a break. Eventually I traveled into the area where wind was not as much of an issue. The rest of the ride was uneventful, thank God!!

My site in Pismo is just across the street from the beach, and a really beautiful beach at that. The park the  won’t allow me to take the camper off the truck. The reason is they are afraid a kid will play around it and it will fall over on them. Um….it would take a mighty big kid to knock over camper, but OK…I have my bike anyway and I can get to everything by bike pretty easily. I am kind of happy to just be relaxing and not driving for a few days anyway. I leave here Friday and will follow route 1 up the coast. I originally wanted to stay in Big Sur, but no sites to be found, so I plan on just getting up early and will hopefully be there for sunrise and spend a little time. I booked on night in an RV park 15 minutes outside of San Francisco. Some RV parks out this way are really pricey , this one $75.00  per night, but cheaper than a hotel.

South Carolina

I’ve been in South Carolina, Edisto Beach State Park for almost a week now, and I have done a lot of nothing. Edisto is very isolated which is a good and bad thing. The laid back pace of the Island just makes you want to relax and spend time strolling the beach; which is really beautiful, or just relax at the campground and kick back with a book. My site is surrounded by palm trees, and the beach is a quick 30 second walk. It hasn’t been exactly beach weather, but that fine with me. It’s still warmer than home. I am able to get enough channels on the T.V. using my digital antenna.  I was really surprised at how many channels it picks up, and how clear they are. I was able to watch the Golden Globes last night which made me very happy. The campground staff could not be more friendly and helpful. The other campers are pretty great too. Most people are   or travels like me. There are a few people from Maine, and one couple from NH, so I still have a bit of the New England accent around to make me feel at home. The locals are quite nice too. I had an issue with a tire, and the guy at the hardware store went way out of his way to help me. Another couple saw I was traveling alone and gave me their number just incase I got in trouble and needed help. This sort of thing would never happen in Boston!

There are a few downsides to Edisto. As I mentioned, it’s pretty isolated, and your choice of food shopping is BI-LO. They have beige tomatoes, and wilted vegetables at BI-LO. I bought some, but they just made me sad… I am probably a bit spoiled as I’m used to having Trader Joe’s, or Whole Foods which never carry beige tomatoes. All is not lost though as a Whole Foods, Harris Tweeter; which is sort of like Whole Foods, and a Trader Joe’s all in Charleston. Charleston is about an hour away, so I will combine weekly shopping with some exploring.

I have explored a bit. I went to Botany Bay the other day, which is an old Plantation turn state park. The live oak lined roads are very pretty, but for me the highlight

is the beach area which is covered with shells that look like they have been there forever. It is also home to drift wood and just been taking long walks with Buddy worn trees that also look like they have been there forever. It was tempting to take some shells home, but there are signs that say $450.00 fine per shell if caught with them, same for drift wood… I’m not sure of the reason for this, but I decided not to chance it. Otherwise I have just been taking long walks with Buddy. I am here for three more weeks, so there is plenty of time to explore, and I have gotten a few suggestions from the locals of paces to see. Today I am off for a bike ride. Life is tough:)