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Nice Light

Light right light is everything in a photo, and I waited an hour for the light in this shot to be just right. I don’t do a whole lot in Lightroom or Photoshop with my photos, so what you see is what I saw. For me photography is about putting the viewer in that moment with you.  When I was out last night there was another photographer snapping away. We were talking afterwards and he asked me if I was into HDR. I told him my camera has built in HDR,  but I haven’t ever used it. His jaw hit the ground, and he went on a tangent about the virtues of HDR  The big thing with photography is HDR, High Dynamic Range. Maybe I have only seen bad examples of HDR,  but they just don’t look natural to me . Some go so far in post that it no longer looks like a photograph.  I guess I am just a minimalist 🙂  I might be missing something and I may try it one of these times , and then I will eat my words. Until then, this photo is a truly organic sunset from Pismo Beach, California. I hope you like itpismo sunset1

3 Responses to “Nice Light”

  1. siouxcq

    I absolutely LOVE this, Loie! It’s funny – I was thinking last night when you posted this on Facebook about what make this particular photo so appealing to me and it is the dynamic range. Maybe HDR helps you get this type of an effect when it isn’t really there but, man, you really captured it. Love, Susan


  2. Julia GB

    Hi Lois Its Julia and Louie in Melrose been meaning to touch base You are truely awesome and amazing!! Your photographs are beyond words…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lois

      Juila!!! I was just thinking of you tje other day. How are you guys andLOU. I miss that funny little guy. Thanks for the compliment and saying Hi



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