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N’ Orleans

N’ Orleans
I am fighting a cold so this will be a quick post. I do have picks that I will post when I’m feeling better.
Next to Asheville, NC, N’Orleans was my favorite stop. Yes, it is loud, and crowed, and you find yourself drinking more often the normal, but when in Rome… I was warned by a few people that New Orleans was too dangerous, and to steer clear, but I never felt unsafe in the city. The only time I felt unsafe here is when my neighbor knocked on my door told me there was a Tornado in the area. This ended up not being true, and the campground has safety shelters in place if there ever was. We were under a Tornado watch all day, but all we had was a lot of wind and wild rains. I was thankful the camper was on the truck because it was really getting rocky. Otherwise, Loved N’ Orleans , and the people I met, true locals, and fun people to hang out with. The music scene is everywhere! Pretty much everyone is a musician or and artist.

The RV park was surprisingly nice, and the staff was fantastic, I enjoyed using the shuttle service from the park to the French Quarter. It was really nice being driven around. I am heading towards Texas most likely tomorrow unless I am still feeling crappy. We’ll see:)

One Response to “N’ Orleans”

  1. siouxcq

    Hi Lo,
    So glad you got to visit N’Orleans. I’ve always wanted to go there. You certainly make it sound more inviting than ever. I hope your cold is gone by the time you get to your next destination. Safe travels!



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