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Update From The Road

I am currently in Summderdale Alabama, which is a small town just 20 minutes from  the Gulf Coast, and 30 minutes from Mobile. I haven’t explored much as I arrived late on Thursday, and yesterday was errands, a mountain of laundry, and just a little exploring around town. I am surprised how hilly Alabama is. I thought being close to the coast it would be rather flat like Edisto, and Charleston, SC is, but its pretty and hilly. Driving along rural routes you pass farmlands  with horses, cows and homes with goats in the front yard. In many ways this part of Alabama has ghe look and feel of New Hampsire.

One big difference I have noticed in the people I have met so far is they are more reserved, and not nearly as friendly as the people I met in South Carolina. I found this a bit surprising. It’s not that they people are not nice, they are very nice but they just don’t chat you up like they way they do in Edisto. I guess I had just gotten used to that.

The campground is a Granny and Grampy campground, but it’s ok, because I don’t plan on hanging around much. I will say they have the best showers, and plenty of steamy hot water which is awesome! I also have the best TV reception that I have every had from my digital antenna, 31 channels, but I am in the bible belt, so half of those channels are telling me that Jesus still loves me, thanks big guy. I was able to take the camper off the truck yesterday which made me very happy. The month in Edisto the camper was on the whole time, and let me tell you it sucks having to bring the camper everywhere you go. I am looking forward to getting out today to explore by myself. Mobile looks like and interesting little city, and they have Mardi Gras too, and claim they are the be the original Mardi Gras not New Orleans. I love Buddy and Phoenix, but they are two of the neediest pets ever, and being with them 24/ 7 is a bit much especially in such a small space. I need a little alone time, so I am heading into Mobile tonight with my camera.

My thoughts on the RV life and travel at this point… I am really glad that I am making this journey. It’s surprising how content I can be in such a small space most of the time, and my camper is super cozy. There are moments when the smallness makes me nuts, but overall I am pretty content. Homesickness creeps in, and then back out again… I am missing the snow, and the New England accent. Southern accents get on my nerves after awhile, and I like snow what can I say… but I still am having fun, so I will keep calm and RV on. In fact I am already dreaming on a newer and bigger truck camper. Little things like clean sheets on the bed are a huge comfort thing now, so laundry services at the campgrounds are essential, as are bathrooms and showers. Finding familiar stores like Whole Foods, or Trader Joe’s is also a huge comfort. Buddy is much calmer and seems to almost be enjoying the traveling to different spots now. His favorite spot so far was Edisto for sure, so many sights and scents, and a quiet beach to run on. My favorite places where Asheville, NC, and Edisto Island, Charleston, not so much snobby and expensive as hell. It’s pretty, but the snobby vibe kind of ruins it. Where to from here? Most likely New Orleans if I can find a sight. If not I will probably head to Austin , TX, but not before exploring Mobile and the gulf coast with my camera.

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  1. siouxcq

    So good to read another one of your chatty posts. You have the gift of writing just the way you talk. The campsite sounds decent. I guess you can’t beat hot water and a good laundry. Can’t wait to see what you might find interesting to shoot in Mobile. Love you! Susan

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