A Maine Holiday

I’m back…Just a short break from my travels to take care of a few things, like renewing my license which I forgot to do before I left.  I renewed on line the last time, so this time it was a visit to the RMV in person. If you don’t have an AAA membership,  go immediately and buy one;  you can thank me later 🙂 Members can now renew their license including eye exams, and many other RMV transactions at select AAA offices. The day I renewed my license I was in and out in 5 minutes. I practically danced out of there!

I’m  sharing a rental house in Maine, not the one in the photos, ha ha.. I am using my  the time here to reconnect with friends and family, and make a plan for my winter destination. At this point I am leaning towards wintering in New Mexico, but I have also been reading about St. George, Utah. Apparently they enjoy mild temps all winter and cooler nights. St. George close to Zion National Park , and I would love to explore that, so we’ll see….For now I am enjoying  the comforts of a house,  and the beauty of the place I love, Maine. I plan to be here until Christmas, and then weather permitting I will head back out. fingers crossed:) Here some of my favorite shots form my journey thus far.  Happy Holidays!


Lois, Phoenix, and Buddy

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