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A New Year Already….

New Years Eve came up quick! I love New Years Eve, not so much for the drinking and all that goes along with that, but a little can be fun:)  To me,  the new year is a blank slate, a time to put forth the energy that you hope will manifest throughout the year. For me, its also a time to let go and decide what things are important to carry with me, and what things no longer serve me, and so they need to go… I have some reflecting to do tonight, as I always do this time of year.

My travels,  have not gone as I thought they would thus far, but  they have taught me the importance  of traveling light physically  as well as metaphorically.  I have also learned the importance of going with the flow. There are places I planned to visit, but  due to El nino and the weird weather patterns  my plans may need to change .In the spirit of staying flexible, I plan to  follow the good weather, and see where  leads me. This could be interesting… maybe even more interesting than my original plans.

I am wishing a happy and healthy  new year for all friends and family both near and far. Travel light everyone:)

Love, Lois, Buddy & Phoenix



And We’re Off…

I spent the past month in a rental house in South Portland, and its going to be to tough to leave.  Being home and reconnecting with friends and family pulls at the heart strings, and as comfortable as my little camper is it can’t compare to the comforts of a home.  I think it will be an adjustment  going  back into the camper, but we will adjust  to life on the road again.

I am heading out probably on Thursday heading for  New Orleans, LA. I am very excited to see New Orleans and there is a very affordable RV park just a few miles outside the city. From there  I may head to South San Pandre Island, TX. That is almost in Mexico. I thought about traveling into Mexico, but since I am traveling solo, I thought better of that.  From the Texas coast I am heading to Austin, TX.  Austin sounds like my kind of town lots to see and do , and their motto is “Keep Austin Weird”, meaning artsy and anything goes.  Sounds like fun to me!

With the El Nino winter all these destinations might be subject to change, but its a tentative plan. My new obsession is checking the weather and reading maps.  I hope to be in New Mexico or Arizona for February. I would also love to go to Utah, but I will have to wait to see how the weather plays out. At this point I plan on being back in New England in the Spring.  Portland has a pretty strong pull for me. I don’t know at this point if I will put down roots when I return,  or if I will just spend the spring and summer here and then travel again. we’ll see….

Bye for now:) I will post again later next week!

A Maine Holiday

I’m back…Just a short break from my travels to take care of a few things, like renewing my license which I forgot to do before I left.  I renewed on line the last time, so this time it was a visit to the RMV in person. If you don’t have an AAA membership,  go immediately and buy one;  you can thank me later 🙂 Members can now renew their license including eye exams, and many other RMV transactions at select AAA offices. The day I renewed my license I was in and out in 5 minutes. I practically danced out of there!

I’m  sharing a rental house in Maine, not the one in the photos, ha ha.. I am using my  the time here to reconnect with friends and family, and make a plan for my winter destination. At this point I am leaning towards wintering in New Mexico, but I have also been reading about St. George, Utah. Apparently they enjoy mild temps all winter and cooler nights. St. George close to Zion National Park , and I would love to explore that, so we’ll see….For now I am enjoying  the comforts of a house,  and the beauty of the place I love, Maine. I plan to be here until Christmas, and then weather permitting I will head back out. fingers crossed:) Here some of my favorite shots form my journey thus far.  Happy Holidays!


Lois, Phoenix, and Buddy


The city of artist, wanderers, and others. Asheville is a great small city with a peaceful vibe. The best way to describe it it North Hampton, MA, meets Harvard Square. It is a very eclectic city, and almost everyone you meet is from somewhere else. A few people I met while I was there came as tourist and stayed. There is a feeling of home that seems to resonate with just about everyone in Asheville. I left a piece of my hear there for sure…I didn’t get to shoot as much as I would have liked due to some pretty nasty weather, and my anxious dog, but here are a few of my favorite shots.