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Well….I booked extra time in Wilmington, so I could explore. Then it rained and rained and rained…there were issues getting the camper back on the truck due to the slope of my site, and Buddy’s anxiety has made it impossible to do much. He nearly caused an accident by diving under my legs while I was driving yesterday. I am a little disappointed to say the least in this past week, but I made some new friends here, so hopefully we will keep in touch.

I am heading for Asheville, Nc this morning and expecting things to turn around….I didn’t get to shoot much all and not night city shots which I really wanted to get, but what can you do…Wilmington is on my list of places that I may hunker down for the winter, so we’ll see…The downtown area of Wilmington is very quaint. There are lots of little shops and restaurants, and bars. The buildings has a distinct southern look to them. There are two colleges so The area remains lively through the the year. There is a riverboat cruise along the Cape Fear River, and a river walk as well. The people of Wilmington ate friendly and helpful. I will say the southern accent gets a bit annoying after awhile…a little regional oddity I’ve noticed is when you you say thank you no one says Your welcome the just say mm-hum. It’s not a big deal just something funny I noticed. I will post more again in a few days bye for now!