Week two, full time RVing

I just passed my two weeks in the Truck Camper full time. It really feels like I have been gone a month or more. Here are my initial thought on full time travel. In terms of the truck camper, I love the ease of traveling with it; although if I fixate on the fact that I am hauling a 3000 pound box it can, and does freak me out. I have become the annoying person who drives too slow, but again, I’m hauling a 3000 pound box, so give a girl a break. The scariest, and most beautiful part of the journey so far has been the mountains of West Virginia, OK and maybe that road in up sate New York!

The camper set up is working out great, although two days of rain has it feeling a bit small…sunshine and warm temps are in the forecast for tomorrow, yay. The camper has a ton of storage, and am even using one of the storage areas for Phoenix’s’ litter box, out of sight out of mind. In terms of housekeeping, it amazes me that in five minutes the camper can become a hot mess, but then in five minutes it can be functionally clean again, so there you go. The annoying this about the truck caper are tiny sink, so I am constantly doing dishes. The oven cooks a bit too well, and if I forget to take the batteries out of the smoke alarm it goes of sending Buddy into a frenzy of terror thing he needs to rescue himself, and me every time….every single time…I have now put a sticky note on the hood of the vet to remind myself to take the batteries out, and one to remind me to put them back in. Making the bed is a PIA, mostly because Buddy either refuses to move, so I am trying to work around him, or of I do manage to kick him off he is immediately trying to jump back up. Speaking of the bed, I invested in a mattress topper, worth every penny! The thing I thought dealing with the black tank, and sewer hose would bother me q is really not a big deal. That shocks me as I was kind of dreading it…

Campground life is not bad either. I have been blessed with friendly and helpful neighbors at every stop. Phoenix has been a big the hit wherever we go. I put his harness on him, and let him out on the lead. He will spends\hours watching bugs, rolling around, and making friends. The place I am staying this week is mostly full- time travelers. I had a lovely conversation this morning with a couple from California who have been traveling sine July. We’ve bonded over “newbie” RV mistakes, like the time I realized I wasn’t close enough to the sewer hook up, so I pulled forward, and backed up to try and get a bit closer, and in doing so backed over my sewer hose crushing it. There I stood in the dark, staring at the pulverized sewer hose.  Luckily the campground sold them, so I was able to replace it right away. We talked about writing a book newbie Rving for dummies…

I think I am going to hang around in the Wilmington, NC area for the next few weeks. The campground is reasonable, showers have awesome water pressure, free cable, and you can even get mail here. No fire pits which is really weird for a campground, but unless things change, I will be here until I head home briefly for Thanksgiving.

Bye for now:)

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