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I love North Carolina and The Outer Banks. If I wasn’t such a city girl I could probably live here. The beaches are pristine, the people are friendly, and there are parts of the OBX that remind me a bit of home, in fact a few times I nearly forgot how far I was from home. The are areas that look a lot like Salisbury, and the main

Route 15b , which runs through the Island  is like an overgrown Hampton Beach with miles, of restaurants, mini golf places and souvenir shops. You could spend a month and never have to cook or entertain yourself.

I like the areas that are off the beaten track. My first such stop was Roanoke Island which is a sleepy little bedroom community with a small down town area which is reminiscent of a Cape Cod Village with quaint little shops. On the eastern end of the Island lies Manteo, which is pronounced “manetoo”. It is a charming town which wraps itself around the Shallowbag Bay. There are a lot of historical points of interest on Roanoke Island including The Roanoke Maritime Museum. My second favorite stop, was on the other end of The OBX, in the town of Corrolla. Here you will leave the hustle and bustle behind you. There are a few small shops, but over all it’s very residential, and the highlight of Corrolla, is 4WD Beach, where if you have 4 wheel drive you can drive out onto 12 miles of serene beachfront, where drift wood and skeletons of old trees serve as mile markers. If you are lucky, you will grab a sighting of the Wild horses. I do have 4WD, and so of course I went out! It was a lot like driving on an un-plowed road after a heavy snowstorm, years of experience doing that, so it was easy. I should have left Buddy at the camper  for this because by mile 5 he was shaking so violently that I had to turn around. No horse sightings for me that day:( I may try to go back out once more without Buddy before I leave. It was pretty awesome! No trip to The OBX would be complete without a visit to Cape Hatteras, so that is on tap for tomorrow or Saturday. I may post more pics from Hatteras, but for now here are some of my favorites from the last few days

I should also mention the nature preserves. We visited Alligator River Refuge which has miles and miles of roads that you can either walk or drive; I chose to drive. No wild life on the “famous” Wildlife Drive, but it was a cool take in. There are also several sate parks, and at Jockey State Park. The park is series of sand dunes and limited vegetation, a mini desert in the middle of North Carolina. You can take a hang gliding class there, but  I had Buddy with me, so no hanging or gliding for me, but we did walk through the dunes which was kind of cool. I liked the contrast of the sand and the deep blue skies. The OBX is really a spacial place with a lot of nooks and crannies to explore. I feel like I have only scratched the surface…I will just have to come back!

The Outer Banks, NC

Sunrise at Corrolla Beach, The Outer Banks, NC

Jockey Sate Park, Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

natural bridge B&W

Drift wood at Corrolla Beach

Naggs Head, North Carolina

Scene for Naggs Head at sunset

Naggs head

handheld long exposure shot of Pier from Naggs head

sea monster

Sea monster drift wood, Corrolla beach, NC

sea monster2

Drift wood, Corrolla Beach, Nc

the ridge

11 Responses to “The OBX”

  1. Ruth Cunniff

    That is just crazy beautiful! I just love how you write! It’s as if your right in front of me! So glad you are having the adventure you so deserve! 😀😀😀😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lois

      It really is beautiful! You should check it out sometime. Its been a fun week, but I am looking forward to just hanging at the campground tomorrow and relaxing in my Hammock. I leave here Monday, probably heading towards the Wilmington , nc area


  2. Ruth Cunniff

    Hi Lois , it’s Mark , so glad your having a great time , the photos are amazing ! .. Your blog is so well written , I think you should write a novel when your done as I think it would fly . Where is your next stop going to be ? By the way I hope our managed to rescue your phone . Looking forward to seeing you in November , take care x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lois

      Hey Mac, Thanks for the kind words. You guys should check out the OBX sometime, really gorgeous. I think the fall is the best time to visit. Less crowed, and still warm . Can’t wait to see you guys @ Thanksgiving. Oh, and the phone sadly did not make it…RIP I think I may head to the Wilmington, NC area but not sure…I need to see some buildings! I


    • Lois

      Thank you Joy! The Outer Banks is really a special place. I am sad to be leaving on Monday, but a little bit of my heart will remain here

      Liked by 1 person

  3. KG

    Enjoying the photos and the writing! The long exposures are great. Hope you have a good heavy tripod with you!


    • Lois

      great to hear from you, and that you are enjoying the blog. I do have an awesome tripod, of course that one time I really needed it, it was back at the camper….I plan on doing some night shooting, while I am in Wilmington, so there will be more long exposures. I hop all is well with you and the little family.


  4. siouxcq

    Guess I missed a whole bunch of your posts. Thought I was getting email notifications. Anyway, these are awesome!

    Liked by 1 person


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