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Thoughts on the week…

Just a quick post…I  survived my first full week of travel! Yay  me! I have traded in the rolling hills of West Virginia for the fairly flat landscape of the North Carolina coast. I am here for a least a week, maybe two. Most of this week has been willy-nilly travel and just kind of getting my bearings, so I am looking forward to relaxing and playing with my camera. There is something very special about The North Carolina coast.  I do wish I got out to shoot more when I was in West Virginia but I did get a nice shot of Black Water Falls. It is a very peaceful spot. I will definitely visit West Virgina again and spend more time shooting. anyway…fading fast guys. More pics later in the week. Bye for now:)

Blackwater falls

2 Responses to “Thoughts on the week…”

  1. Melissa Cunniff

    I love opening your page and seeing a new blog about your adventure! Glad it’s all going well and your getting some great shots along the way!

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