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So Far, So Good….

I left Maine on Monday to begin my travel adventures, and so far it’s going pretty well. I won’t sugar coat things though camping, even in a pretty nice little camper is work; and driving with basically a giant box on the back of your truck is nerve- wracking at times. Traveling on a particular somewhere in up state NY scared the crap out of me, and I am not a nervous driver. I white knuckled my way down the road while the locals, who know the roads better than I flew past me, or cut me off while gesturing wildly. I don’t ever remember swearing and praying simultaneously that much in my life! The ride since the has been uneventful, and really enjoyable. I have pretty much adjusted to driving the truck, which I named Ethel. I’m getting in the habit of checking my mirrors more often as I drive, the tow mirrors took a little getting used to but now they are my best friend. Buddy and Phoenix are handling the travel very well. Buddy was initially nervous in the truck, but now he is loving being able to curl right up next to me as I drive. Phoenix, who actually never minded traveling in a car hates the truck, and meows constantly if he is in it, so I decided to let him ride in the camper one day and when we stopped he was napping on the bed. I stop periodically to peak in and he is always on the bed napping, he is not a normal cat!

I am currently in West Virginia which has been my favorite state thus far. It is just stunningly beautiful  with rolling hills, and mountains that seem to go on forever. There are parts of the highway that overlook little villages placed right in the middle of the valley, like they were just dropped perfectly in the middle. The  hilly roads are bad for the gas mileage, but the scenery is worth the cost. My first night, in WV, I stayed in Berkley Springs. The town is about as charming and quaint as you can get, with little shops and friendly people.  Everyone I talked to seemed to have been born and raised there, and all were fascinated that I was driving that “Big “Ol” truck all by myself. While there I got a much-needed , and really great haircut for $15.00, it cost that much to get your nails done at home! I also visited Berkley Springs state park. They have natural hot springs which were reportedly frequented by George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, you can read all  about it here Today they are modernized into a bathhouse and spa. I booked a roman bath, and  OMG!!! I have never been that relaxed in my entire life. The bath left me with a relaxed euphoric feeling that lasted all afternoon. If you are ever in the are of Berkley springs be sure to visit the bath house, your body will thank you. I was getting tired to moving around everyday, so we are camping in Backwater Falls state park, WV for the next five days. The stars at night are so stunning that I find myself just staring at them  when I take Buddy out for his walk. I have lost count of the number of dear who wander through the campground. Its pretty cold hear right now, so probably won’t go out much to shoot today, but I promise to grab a few pics before I leave the area. The campground has a washer and dryer, which is awesome, since it’s cloudy and grey today its a good laundry and movie day. No cable here but my T.V. has built-in DVD player, and my AT&T mobile hotspot gets a surprisingly good signal here , so between Netflix and Redbox I’m sure I will find something to watch.

Bye for now:)

2 Responses to “So Far, So Good….”

  1. siouxcq

    Hi Loie!
    Sounds like the kids are settling in nicely and you are finding a need to pace travel with rest. Traveling is hard work! It’s fun reading your commentary on the places you visit. Have fun!
    (I hope you get this comment. I left comments twice on the last post and I don’t see them…)



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