The plan is, there is no plan….

Just a guick post to say I am alive and well and have finnally begun my travels. Things took a bit longer than I expected to come together, but that’s ok. There have been a few bumps in the road including  injured leg that left me brused from mid calf to mid thigh! Its actually a funny story, but I am posting from my cell phone this moring, so the story will have to wait.

I left Maine yesterday. I am proud to report that I unloaded and loaded the camper onto the truck all my myself. There were plenty of people around to help, but I figured that may not always be the case. It was intimidating, but its really not all that difficult.

I am heading for Pennsylvania today. I hear the Alaganney Mountians are geougous. I would also like to visit  Dutch Country. From there, West Virginia, and then I am just going to see where the road leads me.   I am still planning on coming home for a visit at Thanksgiving. After that, I will probably head for Arizona, New Mexico, and maybe Utah…Bye for now;)

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