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Week two, full time RVing

I just passed my two weeks in the Truck Camper full time. It really feels like I have been gone a month or more. Here are my initial thought on full time travel. In terms of the truck camper, I love the ease of traveling with it; although if I fixate on the fact that I am hauling a 3000 pound box it can, and does freak me out. I have become the annoying person who drives too slow, but again, I’m hauling a 3000 pound box, so give a girl a break. The scariest, and most beautiful part of the journey so far has been the mountains of West Virginia, OK and maybe that road in up sate New York!

The camper set up is working out great, although two days of rain has it feeling a bit small…sunshine and warm temps are in the forecast for tomorrow, yay. The camper has a ton of storage, and am even using one of the storage areas for Phoenix’s’ litter box, out of sight out of mind. In terms of housekeeping, it amazes me that in five minutes the camper can become a hot mess, but then in five minutes it can be functionally clean again, so there you go. The annoying this about the truck caper are tiny sink, so I am constantly doing dishes. The oven cooks a bit too well, and if I forget to take the batteries out of the smoke alarm it goes of sending Buddy into a frenzy of terror thing he needs to rescue himself, and me every time….every single time…I have now put a sticky note on the hood of the vet to remind myself to take the batteries out, and one to remind me to put them back in. Making the bed is a PIA, mostly because Buddy either refuses to move, so I am trying to work around him, or of I do manage to kick him off he is immediately trying to jump back up. Speaking of the bed, I invested in a mattress topper, worth every penny! The thing I thought dealing with the black tank, and sewer hose would bother me q is really not a big deal. That shocks me as I was kind of dreading it…

Campground life is not bad either. I have been blessed with friendly and helpful neighbors at every stop. Phoenix has been a big the hit wherever we go. I put his harness on him, and let him out on the lead. He will spends\hours watching bugs, rolling around, and making friends. The place I am staying this week is mostly full- time travelers. I had a lovely conversation this morning with a couple from California who have been traveling sine July. We’ve bonded over “newbie” RV mistakes, like the time I realized I wasn’t close enough to the sewer hook up, so I pulled forward, and backed up to try and get a bit closer, and in doing so backed over my sewer hose crushing it. There I stood in the dark, staring at the pulverized sewer hose.  Luckily the campground sold them, so I was able to replace it right away. We talked about writing a book newbie Rving for dummies…

I think I am going to hang around in the Wilmington, NC area for the next few weeks. The campground is reasonable, showers have awesome water pressure, free cable, and you can even get mail here. No fire pits which is really weird for a campground, but unless things change, I will be here until I head home briefly for Thanksgiving.

Bye for now:)


I love North Carolina and The Outer Banks. If I wasn’t such a city girl I could probably live here. The beaches are pristine, the people are friendly, and there are parts of the OBX that remind me a bit of home, in fact a few times I nearly forgot how far I was from home. The are areas that look a lot like Salisbury, and the main

Route 15b , which runs through the Island  is like an overgrown Hampton Beach with miles, of restaurants, mini golf places and souvenir shops. You could spend a month and never have to cook or entertain yourself.

I like the areas that are off the beaten track. My first such stop was Roanoke Island which is a sleepy little bedroom community with a small down town area which is reminiscent of a Cape Cod Village with quaint little shops. On the eastern end of the Island lies Manteo, which is pronounced “manetoo”. It is a charming town which wraps itself around the Shallowbag Bay. There are a lot of historical points of interest on Roanoke Island including The Roanoke Maritime Museum. My second favorite stop, was on the other end of The OBX, in the town of Corrolla. Here you will leave the hustle and bustle behind you. There are a few small shops, but over all it’s very residential, and the highlight of Corrolla, is 4WD Beach, where if you have 4 wheel drive you can drive out onto 12 miles of serene beachfront, where drift wood and skeletons of old trees serve as mile markers. If you are lucky, you will grab a sighting of the Wild horses. I do have 4WD, and so of course I went out! It was a lot like driving on an un-plowed road after a heavy snowstorm, years of experience doing that, so it was easy. I should have left Buddy at the camper  for this because by mile 5 he was shaking so violently that I had to turn around. No horse sightings for me that day:( I may try to go back out once more without Buddy before I leave. It was pretty awesome! No trip to The OBX would be complete without a visit to Cape Hatteras, so that is on tap for tomorrow or Saturday. I may post more pics from Hatteras, but for now here are some of my favorites from the last few days

I should also mention the nature preserves. We visited Alligator River Refuge which has miles and miles of roads that you can either walk or drive; I chose to drive. No wild life on the “famous” Wildlife Drive, but it was a cool take in. There are also several sate parks, and at Jockey State Park. The park is series of sand dunes and limited vegetation, a mini desert in the middle of North Carolina. You can take a hang gliding class there, but  I had Buddy with me, so no hanging or gliding for me, but we did walk through the dunes which was kind of cool. I liked the contrast of the sand and the deep blue skies. The OBX is really a spacial place with a lot of nooks and crannies to explore. I feel like I have only scratched the surface…I will just have to come back!

The Outer Banks, NC

Sunrise at Corrolla Beach, The Outer Banks, NC

Jockey Sate Park, Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

natural bridge B&W

Drift wood at Corrolla Beach

Naggs Head, North Carolina

Scene for Naggs Head at sunset

Naggs head

handheld long exposure shot of Pier from Naggs head

sea monster

Sea monster drift wood, Corrolla beach, NC

sea monster2

Drift wood, Corrolla Beach, Nc

the ridge

Thoughts on the week…

Just a quick post…I  survived my first full week of travel! Yay  me! I have traded in the rolling hills of West Virginia for the fairly flat landscape of the North Carolina coast. I am here for a least a week, maybe two. Most of this week has been willy-nilly travel and just kind of getting my bearings, so I am looking forward to relaxing and playing with my camera. There is something very special about The North Carolina coast.  I do wish I got out to shoot more when I was in West Virginia but I did get a nice shot of Black Water Falls. It is a very peaceful spot. I will definitely visit West Virgina again and spend more time shooting. anyway…fading fast guys. More pics later in the week. Bye for now:)

Blackwater falls

So Far, So Good….

I left Maine on Monday to begin my travel adventures, and so far it’s going pretty well. I won’t sugar coat things though camping, even in a pretty nice little camper is work; and driving with basically a giant box on the back of your truck is nerve- wracking at times. Traveling on a particular somewhere in up state NY scared the crap out of me, and I am not a nervous driver. I white knuckled my way down the road while the locals, who know the roads better than I flew past me, or cut me off while gesturing wildly. I don’t ever remember swearing and praying simultaneously that much in my life! The ride since the has been uneventful, and really enjoyable. I have pretty much adjusted to driving the truck, which I named Ethel. I’m getting in the habit of checking my mirrors more often as I drive, the tow mirrors took a little getting used to but now they are my best friend. Buddy and Phoenix are handling the travel very well. Buddy was initially nervous in the truck, but now he is loving being able to curl right up next to me as I drive. Phoenix, who actually never minded traveling in a car hates the truck, and meows constantly if he is in it, so I decided to let him ride in the camper one day and when we stopped he was napping on the bed. I stop periodically to peak in and he is always on the bed napping, he is not a normal cat!

I am currently in West Virginia which has been my favorite state thus far. It is just stunningly beautiful  with rolling hills, and mountains that seem to go on forever. There are parts of the highway that overlook little villages placed right in the middle of the valley, like they were just dropped perfectly in the middle. The  hilly roads are bad for the gas mileage, but the scenery is worth the cost. My first night, in WV, I stayed in Berkley Springs. The town is about as charming and quaint as you can get, with little shops and friendly people.  Everyone I talked to seemed to have been born and raised there, and all were fascinated that I was driving that “Big “Ol” truck all by myself. While there I got a much-needed , and really great haircut for $15.00, it cost that much to get your nails done at home! I also visited Berkley Springs state park. They have natural hot springs which were reportedly frequented by George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, you can read all  about it here Today they are modernized into a bathhouse and spa. I booked a roman bath, and  OMG!!! I have never been that relaxed in my entire life. The bath left me with a relaxed euphoric feeling that lasted all afternoon. If you are ever in the are of Berkley springs be sure to visit the bath house, your body will thank you. I was getting tired to moving around everyday, so we are camping in Backwater Falls state park, WV for the next five days. The stars at night are so stunning that I find myself just staring at them  when I take Buddy out for his walk. I have lost count of the number of dear who wander through the campground. Its pretty cold hear right now, so probably won’t go out much to shoot today, but I promise to grab a few pics before I leave the area. The campground has a washer and dryer, which is awesome, since it’s cloudy and grey today its a good laundry and movie day. No cable here but my T.V. has built-in DVD player, and my AT&T mobile hotspot gets a surprisingly good signal here , so between Netflix and Redbox I’m sure I will find something to watch.

Bye for now:)

The plan is, there is no plan….

Just a guick post to say I am alive and well and have finnally begun my travels. Things took a bit longer than I expected to come together, but that’s ok. There have been a few bumps in the road including  injured leg that left me brused from mid calf to mid thigh! Its actually a funny story, but I am posting from my cell phone this moring, so the story will have to wait.

I left Maine yesterday. I am proud to report that I unloaded and loaded the camper onto the truck all my myself. There were plenty of people around to help, but I figured that may not always be the case. It was intimidating, but its really not all that difficult.

I am heading for Pennsylvania today. I hear the Alaganney Mountians are geougous. I would also like to visit  Dutch Country. From there, West Virginia, and then I am just going to see where the road leads me.   I am still planning on coming home for a visit at Thanksgiving. After that, I will probably head for Arizona, New Mexico, and maybe Utah…Bye for now;)