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Bug Light Portland

The State I’m In, Maine

  It’s been almost two months since I left South Boston, and almost three weeks since I came to the great state of Maine to wait for my camper setup to come together. Maine is great this time of year, fewer crowds, and cooler weather. The featured image for the post is Bug Light in South Portland, one of my favorite spots in Portland.  I do miss Boston though and being in the middle of it all. I also miss the little conveniences, most of all I miss Foodler; there are no restaurants that deliver through Foodler where I am . Along those lines, I miss L Street Diner pizza, they make the best pizza in Southie . I know I will find places I love on my travels, and hopefully good pizza, but there’s no place like home.

  Ta-da The right truck camper has been found . The decals on the side remind me of a bird, so I am naming the camper ” Birdie “, my Maternal Grandmothers nickname . I think this little beauty was well worth the wait, but it took a lot longer to find than I thought . I originally thought I would be on my way the first week of September, but now it’s looking the departure will be he last week of this month instead . I bought the gigantic truck that will carry the camper the other day . My mechanic is getting it ready for our travels, and I’m told it will be ready sometime next week . Birdie, is all set to go anytime ! My next post will be from somewhere new and interesting, if all goes well .